Take Five

The Spot at school is often somewhere we go to take a few minutes out. It's a calm, kind place. Most people don't notice straight away, but there is always something playing in the background. Sounds like water running, birds singing, a gentle breeze, a distant thunderstorm or just some calm music. These sounds help us to 'reset'. Sometimes we have interesting visuals that help us to think about the wider world or something as simple as a goldfish or a flower. 

This page has links to some of the videos and sounds you might recognise from The Spot, along with a few new ones and some guided relaxation. You can use these whenever you need to 'take five'.


Turn to a comfortable volume and follow your thoughts for a few minutes.

 Colorful Bird
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Big Wave
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Rain Cloud
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Guided Relaxation

Spot Videos

How many of these do you recognise from The Spot?