I found this image while I was scrolling and it gave me inspiration for the beginning of a story.

There was no escape... on land. By the time humanity realised that the only safe place was the ocean, it was too late, for Sissy at least. She didn't make it to the boats with the others. No, instead, Sissy found herself in a grimy, dank alley rooted to the spot. There it was, hanging in the air and slowly, ever so slowly, drawing closer.

This is where you get to carry the story on. Why didn't Sissy make it to the boat? What is this fog? What does it want? Why aren't people safe? - So many questions!

You could write or draw whatever you like. A script, comic strip, diary entry, information poster about the 'fog' or a full-blown novel with chapters and everything.


It's up to you - if you find it interesting. Give it a go! If you don't, try something else.

Don't like this picture? Find one that inspires you - and don't forget to share!

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