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For lots of us, staying indoors has been really tough. So, we were thinking, wouldn't it be great if (just like at school) we could visit The Spot and take a few minutes to get ourselves back-on-track? Welcome to The Spot Online! Hopefully, You'll recognise a lot of these activities and notice a few new ones, too. We'll be adding new things to do all the time, but please let me know if there's something else you'd like to see on here. We miss each and every one of you and we hope to see you soon but, in the meantime,  keep in touch .   

Mr Gilbert

The Spot Online works better on a laptop or tablet.  But don't worry, you can still use a mobile to access most of the activities here.







Click a feeling

Clicking any button will take you to our online feelings board where you can share how you're doing today.

An adult will read your post before anybody else can see so don't worry if it doesn't appear straight away. 


Level 4

Sensory Scavenger hunt for our younger explorers.


Clues left across space and time!

Under construction

Slightly trickier.

21 objects to find around the home.


You'll need help from Google, family and friends to complete this one.

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Clicking the question will take you to our online 'Question of the Week' board where you can post your answer.

An adult will read your post before anybody else can see so don't worry if it doesn't appear straight away. 

Book of the Week!


This Morning, Miriam got in touch using 'chat' and told me that she sat and read a whole book yesterday; she just couldn't put it down! 

Isadora Moon Goes to School, Miriam tells me, is about the antics of a fairy vampire who goes to different types schools. It's all about the adventures she has and friendships she makes along the way. Sounds well worth a read.

Just like at The Spot in school, I'd like you to choose your own 'Book of the Week'. Simply write a sentence or two sharing what you like about the book and why you think others might enjoy it. Then share it with us

Who knows, next week, your book might be featured as our Book of the Week.



Image by Glen Carrie

Ladybird Challenge

How many can you find?




How are you feeling today?

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Quick Games

Some quick games from Childline.

Story Time

Story Time

Stories shared by teachers at Whitehouse.


Kindness Ninja

Why not try a secret joy-spreading mission!

Dorset 5.jpg

Tiny Artists

Explore our gallery and get creating!

Chalkboard Drawings

Knowledge Quest!

If you could choose, what would you learn about?


Y5&6 Story Starter.

Why not use a picture to inspire a story.

Image by James Lee

Rubbish models.

Get crafty and save the world!




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