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At The Spot, we like collecting things. One of our favourites is our collection of tiny art. 

Tiny artists from all over the world have created art (the size of a playing card) which has been added to our collection, selected by our discerning critics and exhibited in our tiny gallery. 



I thought it would be great if we had an online gallery of your tiny art!  


Now it's your turn!

Why not get your adults involved? We can have a 'Grown-ups Gallery', too!

Share your pictures here.

Want to have a go? Don't know where to begin? Don't worry, we've got that covered! First, your tiny art needs to be the right size. Have a look at the video to get you started.

Here's some of the tiny art we've already collected from artists all over the world; you can use it for inspiration if you like.

Pen and Paint
Helene Howse
Pencil and Pen Abstract
Pencil Picture
Free Hugs
Milton Keynes
Beeswax 2
Beeswax 1
Bil 1
Anna 3
Pen Paint Print
Dorset 5
Dorset 2
dorset 4
Dorset 3
Dorset 1
Bil 2
America 2
America 1
Anna 1
Watercolour dog
Anna 2
Print 2

Wouldn't it be brilliant if we could open a 'Tiny Library' next to our gallery? We're going to need some tiny books!

Have a look at this activity from the British Library.

Click the picture to find out more.

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